The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

We make our donuts fresh by hand every morning. Every time you come to Rebel Donut, you’ll find what we call our Usual Suspects. These donuts make up the core of our menu. We include an element of surprise daily with additional spontaneous flavor selections. At Rebel Donut we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy our tasty donuts so we do offer vegan and gluten-free donuts on our every-day Usual Suspects menu.


Assorted Mini Rebels


Raised Glazed

A traditional raised donut with a glaze added by hand.


Chocolate Cake Glazed

A chocolate cake donut with a hand-drizzled simple sweet glaze.


Vanilla Cake Glazed

A vanilla cake donut with a hand-drizzled simple sweet glaze.


Rebel Red Velvet

A red velvet cake donut with a simple sweet glaze and a touch of vanilla drizzled on top.



Chocolate Dipped Red Velvet

A red velvet cake donut dipped and drizzled in chocolate fudge icing. Who hasn’t wished they could dip red velvet cake in some chocolate? Now’s your chance.



Birthday Cake

A vanilla cake donut with vanilla icing, smashed with rainbow jimmies. Or sprinkles, depending on where you’re from.



Triple Chocolate

Chocolate Cake, Fudge Icing, Chocolate jimmies


Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Vanilla Cake, sweet glaze and house made cinnamon crumb


Toasted Coconut

Vanilla cake, sweet glaze, toasted coconut


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