The Perfect Donut

The Perfect Donut

Making the Perfect Donut

To get all existential about it - how do I know the perfect donut for me is the perfect donut for you? The truth is there really is no Perfect Donut because we all love different things. So at Rebel Donut, we are all about options. First, a quick Donut tutorial…..



It Takes Two Types

Rebel makes two types of donuts. Raised donuts - made from yeast-based dough, and cake donuts – made from cake batter.

Since they are made from rolled dough, and hand-cut, raised donuts can be formed into almost any shape. Proofing the donuts before they get fried gives them a fluffy, airy texture.

Cake donuts are sweeter and denser than raised donuts. They are a little crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. They are always going to be round, but they can still be filled and decorated in a million ways.

Be a Rebel!

What makes your perfect donut depends on you! Go classic, or go crazy. At Rebel Donut, your perfect donut is only limited by your sense of adventure. We have an arsenal of fillings, icings and extras. Challenge us to make your perfect donut.

Come on, be a Rebel!


We Have Donut Elves

Unlike those big chains, we make all our donuts by hand. Our Donut Elves come in during the wee hours of the morning to forge your breakfast out of what we like to call our “dough babies.” For us, donut making is both a skill and an art, and our donuts are made fresh each day in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. We call the most skilled among us the Dough Whisperers.

We classify our creations into several groups. We have our Usual Suspects, which are flavors you’ll find at Rebel Donut every day. Then we have our Guest Appearances, which grace the donut case from time to time, and are just a little bit further from traditional flavors. Then we have The Radicals. These are donuts that our talented staff has invented with maniacal laughter and a flash of lightning. Or at least it seems that way when you’re adding one to your dozen.

What’s your Rebel?