Fandom & Custom Donuts

Fandom & Custom Donuts

When it comes down to it, Rebels are a bit geeky. We celebrate what we love in our favorite form of homage – custom donuts.

Some of our fandom donuts have dedicated days of the year and some are random. Follow us on Facebook to see what we’re up to this week!

We are happy to celebrate what you love too, just give us a call!


May the 4th Be With You

We make these available every May 4th to celebrate new movies when they come out. These are raised donuts made in the shape of various characters. Maple Wookie, anyone?


Custom Birthday

We can create various characters depending on what the birthday boy or girl loves. These can be either raised or cake donuts.

harry potter

Boy Wizard Donut

We typically offer these on July 31 each year. These can be raised or cake donuts and come in various characters.


Lucky 13

We offer these every Friday the 13th. They typically incorporate the Friday the 13th movie with various characters. They can come raised or cake.


Dr. Seuss

These are available every March 2nd and celebrate Dr. Seuss characters. Think Thing 1, Thing 2, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat. They come raised or cake.


Jerry Garcia

These are available every August 1 in honor of Jerry Garcia. We have a blast recreating his tie-dye T-shirts in the icing. Some are raised, some are cake.

eddie van halen January 26

The Atomic Punk

Available every January 26. They have various looks and ingredients and some are raised, some are cake. Remember what his guitars used to look like? And crazy outfits? We put ‘em on a donut.

Roswell incident

The Roswell Incident

Available each July 8. The truth is out there, and now you can eat it on a donut. Donuts make perfect UFOs. Some are raised, some are cake.


That Super Popular Zombie Show

We typically offer these on season premieres of this popular zombie show or on season finale weekends. Why wouldn’t you get a thrill out of eating a zombie who’s trying to crawl out of your donut?  THEY WANT YOUR BRAINS. They come raised or cake.

We love a challenge, so anything you can dream up, our Dough Whisperers can make. We can create single custom donuts and also accommodate large orders upon request. There is literally NOTHING we won’t put on a donut.