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Rebel Store

Make Your Own Donut Kit

Why should we have all the donut making fun, hoarding it like greedy children snatching candy from a piñata? We like to share! We have donut kits that come with all of the supplies and instructions to make your own Rebel Donut at home. There are three kits to choose from: 1) Rebel Favorites, 2) Birthday and 3) Holiday. Each kit comes with one dozen cake donuts in three different flavors, three different types of icing and toppings that match the theme. They come with instructions for reheating, to crisp the donuts back up, and include photos of what your finished donut should look like. These kits are great for parties!



We have some pretty die-hard Rebel Donut fans (and a cool logo), so we also sell Rebel Donut T-shirts, mugs, stickers, our Rebel Coffee, and Gift Certificates for all the die-hard rebels you know!