What Makes Them Radical

So you like to live on the edge, huh? Well so do we! The Radicals donuts are for our true rebel customers. Our mad scientists, aka: Donut Elves, have created more than 1,000 donut flavors since we opened in 2012. These donuts are some of our more unconventional creations. These are not offered every day like The Usual Suspects, but do make occasional appearances. As with the Guest Appearances, you can pre-order most of our flavors at least 24 hours in advance and we will make them special, just for you. Take a look at some of our favorite creations.


Circus Animals:

A raised donut hand-dipped in vanilla icing with house made buttercream, then topped with sprinkles and circus animal cookies.


Chocolate Potato Chip

A vanilla cake donut hand-dipped in fudge with salty rippled potato chips resting on top.


Coconut Curry

A raised ring donut with a madras curry glaze, topped with toasted coconut.


Moon pie


Pad Thai

A vanilla cake donut drizzled with peanut butter, coconut, and sriracha. “Sri what cha”? that’ s right... Sriracha! Coconut Curry: A raised ring donut with a madras curry glaze, topped with toasted coconut.


Queen of Hearts


Sopapilla Donut:

A triangular raised donut with a honey glaze.


The Dough Boy

A chocolate chip cake donut with a glaze and fudge drizzled over it. A scoop of raw cookie dough on top sends this donut into a whole ‘nother level of awesome.


The Dulce Del Diablo

A raised donut with a spicy red chili Mexican chocolate glaze, topped with bacon and caramel. It’s spicy. It’s salty. It’ s sweet. It’s like Heaven and Hell got married and had a donut baby.


The Munchies

A vanilla cake donut hand-dipped in fudge with peanuts, pretzels, potato chips, and M&M’s™ on top. Skip a step, man, just put it all in one place.


Over the Rainbow

A vanilla cake donut with blue cotton candy icing, a buttercream cloud, and a sour rainbow candy resting on top.

And if that’ s not enough variety for you... here’ s more of The Radicals!