The Rebel Story

Our Head Rebel

There is a certain design element to our creations at Rebel Donut, and maybe that’ s because the founder, Carrie Mettling, used to be an architect. She has a lifelong love of baking, and as an architect she was always making wedding cakes, specialty cakes, and cupcakes for co-workers. Everything changed while Carrie was on a work trip to Canada in 2005. She ran across a cupcake bakery. She didn’t even know those existed! She developed a business plan on her flight back home and within months had given up her job as an architect and opened her first cake business – a bakery called Cake Fetish in Albuquerque.

Cake Fetish quickly became hugely successful. So fast, in fact, that Carrie – a new business owner -- became overwhelmed and sold the business. She went back to architecture for a bit before she realized she needed to get back to her true passion of baking.

Rebel Donut Opens
Carrie decided to try donuts this time, and she opened Rebel Donut in June of 2012. By November of 2012, success found Carrie once again. Food Network Canada came across Rebel Donut while scouting the U.S. for funky donut shops. Carrie was invited to compete in the Donut Showdown, which she won along with a $10,000 prize. The popularity of Rebel Donut continued to grow from there.

Why Donuts?
Donuts are more humble than cake, and that’ s what Carrie loves about them. They are more malleable, too. You can create donuts in any shape, size, or flavor, and put anything you want into them. The donut world is wide open to creation, and Carrie and all her Dough Whisperers love coming up with funky and unique donuts. And they’ re fun to sell! Who doesn’t love watching faces light up with wonder when they come into your store? We get to see that every. single. day.

Our Staff

Meet the Rebel Rousers
Our Rebel Donut staff is a dedicated bunch of donut makers. They come in very early in the morning to make our donuts fresh from scratch every day. Making delicious and creative donuts takes great skill, and that’s why we call our donut makers Dough Whisperers. They make all of our donuts by hand, which gives them a freedom to experiment that you can’t get when you make donuts with a machine.

Our Dough Whisperers are like mad scientists. They love inventing new creations. They’ve created more than 1,000 variations of donuts since we opened! That’s why you never know what you’re going to find when you come in to Rebel Donut. You’ll always see The Usual Suspects, but you’ll also find a one-of-a-kind donut that may have been dreamt up by a Dough Whisperer just that morning.


This is a No Waste Zone!
We do not believe in waste, so we donate all of the donuts we don’t sell that day to local shelters and non-profits in the area.