More Usual Suspects Donut

More Usual Suspects

Chocolate Coconut

A chocolate cake donut hand-dipped in fudge and covered in sweet coconut.


Raised ring with pink vanilla icing and rainbow jimmies

Chocolate Dipped Raised

Blueberry Cake Glazed

Blueberry Cake, sweet glaze

Blueberry Pancake

Blueberry Cake, sweet glaze, maple drizzle

Assorted Vegan – Gazed, Maple & Chocolate Fudge

Egg & dairy free raised ring, sweet glaze or maple icing or fudge icing

French Toast

A raised square-shaped cinnamon and sugar donut with maple drizzle and sweet buttercream. You’ll drool. It’s fine, we have napkins.

Blue Sky

(aka the Breaking Bad donut)
A vanilla cake donut with blue cotton candy icing and blue rock candy. A fave ‘round these parts. Because Breaking Bad took place in Albuquerque. Breaking Bad is this show where this science teacher sold blue crystal meth, but for many of our customers this donut is their addiction.

Maple Bars

Raised Bar, Maple icing

Maple Cream

Raised donut stuffed with house made buttercream and dipped in maple

Fruit Filled

Chocolate Peanut

Vanilla cake dipped in fudge icing and topped with salty peanuts

Pancakes n’ Bacon

Vanilla cake dipped in maple with crispy bacon

Red Chile Chocolate Bacon

Chocolate cake dipped in fudge icing topped with crispy bacon and New Mexico Red Chile

Maple Bacon Bar

Raised Bar, Maple icing, crispy bacon

Apple Fritter

Apples & cinnamon with a sweet glaze

Apple Green Chile Fritter

Apples, Cinnamon and Hatch Green Chile with a sweet glaze

Decorated Sugar Skull

Raised Skull in Vanilla or Fudge icing, brightly decorated

Boston Cream

Raised donut stuffed with bavarian cream, dipped in fudge icing