Guest Appearances

Guest Appearances

Different Donuts by Design

We have made so many flavors over the years that many just make guest appearances from time to time. Our creative staff loves to play around with unique flavors and toppings. These are just a drop in the bucket.

Unlike the Usual Suspects, these donuts are not available every day. However, you can pre-order at least 24 hours in advance and we will happily make them special, just for you.


Chocolate Salted Pretzel

A vanilla cake donut hand-dipped in fudge, then sprinkled with salty pretzel pieces.


The Barney Rebel

See what we did there? A vanilla cake donut topped with Fruity Pebbles™. Yaba daba NOM NOM NOM.

The Cocoa Rebel

A chocolate cake donut topped with Cocoa Pebbles™. Because Fruity Pebbles™ shouldn’t have all the fun.

Cookies n’ Cream

Drama Queen

Early Bird

Cake Donut topped with Oreo crumbs and gummy worms

Hot Chocolate

Maple Walnut

Rice Krispie Treat


A chocolate cake donut covered in marshmallow icing, sweet coconut and house made buttercream. So lifelike you’ll want to start a snowball fight, but please don’t. You’ll be really sad when your hand comes back empty and you realize what you’ve done.

Salted Caramel



And there’s more!