But first, Coffee

It’s a tale as old as time: donuts and coffee just go together! Because you don’t want to have one without the other. Each of our donut shops offers a full espresso bar, featuring locally roasted coffees.
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Usual Suspects

We make our donuts fresh by hand every morning. Every time you come to Rebel Donut, you’ll find what we call our Usual Suspects. These donuts make up the core of our menu. We include an element of surprise daily with additional spontaneous flavor selections. At Rebel Donut we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy our tasty donuts so we do offer vegan and gluten-free donuts on our every-day Usual Suspects menu.
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Guest Appearances

We have made so many flavors over the years that many just make guest appearances from time to time. Our creative staff loves to play around with unique flavors and toppings. These are just a drop in the bucket.
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So you like to live on the edge, huh? We’ll see...We’ll see. The Radicals donuts are for our true rebel customers. Our mad scientists, aka the Dough Whisperers, have created more than 1,000 donuts since we opened in 2012. These donuts are some of our more, ‘unconventional’ creations. These babies are not offered every day like The Usual Suspects, but do make occasional appearances. Like The Outliers, you can pre-order at least a dozen of The Radicals and we will make them special just for you.
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Kolaches are the savory side of Rebel. Scrumptious fillings surrounded by an airy yeast dough. Baked to golden brown and brushed with butter.
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Fandom & Custom Donuts

When it comes down to it, Rebels are a bit geeky. We celebrate what we love in our favorite form of homage – custom donuts.Some of our fandom donuts have dedicated days of the year and some are random. Follow us on Facebook to see what we’re up to this week!
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Rebel Store

Want to show off your inner Rebel or share the love with a friend?

Grab a gift certificate or some cool Rebel swag!
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